Ashley Stayner on factual crime and family trauma in Captive Viewers

There’s the aged adage that reality is stranger than fiction, and that’s beneath no conditions been extra factual than in Captive Viewers: A Real American Terror Chronicle. The three-part docuseries, now streaming on Hulu, tells the factual and tragic story of the Stayner family, who persisted the kidnapping of 1 son and, decades later, the arrest of any other son, Cary Stayner, for the murders of four females.

To expose this story, director Jessica Dimmock enlisted key avid gamers within the Stayner saga, including Ashley Stayner, the daughter of Steven Stayner, the baby who was as soon as kidnapped in 1972 and returned eight years later to his family. In an interview with Digital Trends, Ashley talks about her father’s legacy, the media scrutiny surrounding her uncle’s arrest for the murders of 4 females in 1999, and what it’s admire to be desirous about a factual-crime story that has fascinated tens of millions of folks for the final 40 years.

Digital Trends: What was as soon as what was as soon as it admire so that you can focus on about your father colorful that tens of millions of folks may maybe be listening and searching at?

Ashley Stayner:  It was as soon as roughly nerve-wracking a microscopic bit, handiest on memoir of I’m no longer faded to talking about my dad and my family and here’s roughly a vital for me. So, it was as soon as a microscopic intimidating to be in contact to folks, especially about one thing so emotional to me. It was as soon as a microscopic advanced.

How did you turn into desirous in regards to the project?

Ashley: Andrew Jacobs [a producer of Captive Audience] had gotten a retain of me first. He had messaged me on Fb and he asked me if I was as soon as drawn to being interviewed. I had beneath no conditions gotten equipped or been desirous about anything else admire that so I talked about, “Definite, why no longer?”

There’s a bit within the documentary the place you summarize the allure of factual crime: “Usual folks doing identical outdated issues except one thing injurious happens.” What’s it admire so that you can be no longer handiest partial to the vogue nonetheless moreover a participant in it?

Ashley: I beneath no conditions in point of fact understanding about it admire that except you talked about that. I mumble no person in point of fact sits there and says, “Oh yeah, I’m a bit of this advanced form of television and movies.” It’s roughly frigid now that I take into memoir it, to be immersed in that.

What was as soon as the most advanced thing you realized about your loved ones whereas shooting Captive Viewers?

Ashley: I didn’t in point of fact imprint the total wicked issues my grandparents went via. Losing a baby is in point of fact advanced and colorful their unswerving experiences roughly do it extra into point of view to me about what they in point of fact went via and how in point of fact stressful it was as soon as for them. And on memoir of I do know my grandma now and my grandpa sooner than he died, I knew how they had been as grandparents, nonetheless I didn’t know who they had been for the time being when my father was as soon as kidnapped and then returned.

The poster for Captive Audience featuring Steven Stayner.

What was as soon as the most advanced thing you skilled all via this route of?

Ashley: Doubtlessly the most advanced thing was as soon as ravishing talking about my dad. It was as soon as very emotional, handiest on memoir of I didn’t in point of fact know him. So, talking about it calm roughly will get to me as soon as quickly. I do know everyone thinks their dad is their hero, nonetheless I beget searching on the suppose and in point of fact seeing the total issues he went via in point of fact gives me a extra in-depth thought of the do of particular person he was as soon as. And I cherished him sooner than, nonetheless I cherished him great extra ravishing on memoir of he was as soon as a factual particular person. There’s no taking that away from him.

What was as soon as that admire going via that that which beget of the media ravishing stressful an acknowledge from you that you couldn’t give?

Ashley: Appropriate. I imply, when my uncle was as soon as arrested for murder, I was as soon as within the seventh grade. All people roughly seems at you corresponding to that that you can maybe calm beget identified about it. And my response was as soon as, “I’m ravishing as very a lot very a lot surprised as you are.” Love it’s a shock to me as correctly. I beget it will get folks frustrated on memoir of they earn that on memoir of you’re his family, that that you can maybe calm know all the issues about him. However he was as soon as repeatedly distant, even from his mother and dad. No one knew.

You strive to create the supreme that that you can maybe on memoir of you calm are trying to give folks knowledge within the event that they’re asking for it. I’m extra than bright to give whatever knowledge that I’m able to in this scenario. However whether it’s the acknowledge journalists need, I’m able to’t create from now on than provide what I do know.

What was as soon as it about this time with Jessica that that was as soon as diversified?

Ashley: I in point of fact admire Jessica. She’s big. She’s made this complete ride ravishing so casual and in point of fact easy to explicit yourself and your emotions. The questions that she asks like it easy to primarily do yourself support in previous scenarios and elevate out those recollections.

What create you hope viewers take care of away after they notion Captive Viewers?

Ashley: That’s a factual search information from. I beget what I would admire them to take care of away is that no family is supreme. All people’s family has points and secrets. I beget with my family, it was as soon as ravishing on the market extra. At the cease of the day, we’re all ravishing human beings going via lifestyles collectively and trying to establish all the issues out.

My dad and grandparents had been big young when he was as soon as kidnapped. Mistakes had been made, nonetheless big issues took space too that are no longer talked about. I mumble that that you can maybe’t use folks on what you glance on media and on the guidelines. Whenever you happen to step support and take care of an even bigger stumble on at all the issues, that that you can maybe in point of fact glance a family that was as soon as in point of fact traumatized.

I would admire Captive Viewers to elevate extra sensitivity to the topic. That is the vogue it’s a long way, nonetheless there’s moderately just a few emotion within the support of it. And I beget Jessica introduced that out, that there had been moderately just a few emotions and pretty just a few trauma, and it’s extra than ravishing a factual-crime story. It’s my family’s story.

Which that you can now lumber all three episodes of Captive Viewers: A Real American Terror Chronicle on Hulu.

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