“Are You Telling Me That Your Hips Don’t Lie?” – Gerard Pique’s Ex Shakira Exhibits Her ‘Bodily Response’ to Tune Leaving Jimmy Fallon Happy

Shakira has been making headlines for the past few months. And her most standard look on The Tonight Point to Starring Jimmy Fallon has exclusively added gasoline to the fireplace. The ‘Queen of Latin music’ seemed on the standard American talk gift to manufacture her new single ‘BZRP Tune Session #53’, which is a diss music geared toward her ex-boyfriend, Gerard Pique.


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Shakira didn’t preserve back during her performance, and neither did Bizarrap, who used to be accompanying her on stage. There used to be moreover some backlash referring to the performance. Nonetheless, the duo positioned on an electrifying performance that left the target audience wanting extra. But it used to be Shakira’s candid revelation about her “bodily response’” to music that left Jimmy Fallon visibly angry.

How music makes Shakira transfer

Shakira talked about her response to pleasing music pronouncing, “I in total maintain this visceral build of bodily response to music. And at the same time as you occur to search me, you know, two-stepping, issues have to now not pleasing, you know”. She extra added, “I know when a song works because then I all correct now begin keen, esteem, getting these esteem minute contractions from my tailbone to my iliac bone. And then it factual outcomes into, you know hip motion.”

Jimmy Fallon nearly one of her preferred songs answered, “Are you telling me that your hips don’t lie?” To which Shakira agreed with a cramped smile on her face. Shakira’s candid admission left Jimmy Fallon in an obvious dispute of disbelief and he used to be rapidly to notify his response.

Jimmy Fallon’s hilarious response


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Fallon used to be clearly taken aback by Shakira’s admission and he used to be rapidly to notify his pleasure. “Right here’s the top thing that ever happened to me. Right here’s the top,” Fallon stated. “I will retire now, that is all I ever wished to know is if, primarily, if your hips attain lie or don’t lie to you.


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2 days within the past

Shakira agreed to it with a smug on her face. “They with out a doubt don’t lie. They attain now not ever,” she added. “And I know when a song is pleasing after they originate to transfer.” Shakira’s hips don’t lie and neither does her abilities. Her look on the gift used to be with out a doubt a pleasure for fans and Fallon’s response used to be factual the icing on the cake.


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What are your thoughts on this heartwarming interaction between Shakira and Jimmy Fallon? Let us know within the comments.

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