Amazon Exhibits Off Terminals for Its Upcoming Satellite tv for computer Internet Provider

Amazon on Tuesday offered at fetch out about at three buyer terminals for its upcoming satellite broadband provider, dubbed Challenge Kuiper. In a weblog post, Amazon detailed residential, commercial and ultracompact terminals, all designed to be installed originate air in negate to be in contact with satellites passing overhead. 

Challenge Kuiper objectives to beam web provider to customers from a constellation of extra than 3,000 broadband satellites in low Earth orbit. It is going to compete with companies and products enjoy SpaceX’s Starlink, which already has over 2,000 satellites in orbit handing over web to customers in dozens of countries.

Amazon acknowledged it at final expects Challenge Kuiper to again “tens of hundreds of hundreds of customers.”

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First Behold at Amazon’s Antenna Designs for Challenge Kuiper

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The terminal for residential and diminutive business customers is lower than 11 inches sq. and weighs below 5 kilos, with out its mounting bracket, per Amazon. Challenge Kuiper would possibly perchance perchance even have a smaller terminal that is 7 inches sq. and weighs 1 pound, which can again as a extra transportable and inexpensive likelihood, Amazon acknowledged.

The 11-dash terminal will direct quickens to 400 megabits per second, and the 7-dash terminal will provide quickens to 100Mbps. The company’s largest terminal, aimed at enterprise and authorities customers, will measure 19 by 30 inches and direct quickens to 1 gigabit per second, Amazon acknowledged. 

A small Project Kuiper terminal next to a laptop on a table

Amazon’s smaller terminal objectives to provide extra mobility.


While Amazon acknowledged it expects to invent the terminals for “lower than $400 each,” it didn’t deliver what it plans to fee customers for the terminals or broadband provider. 

Amazon acknowledged it expects to originate manufacturing satellites within the first half of 2024 and would possibly perchance perchance well also begin up providing provider to customers later that three hundred and sixty five days. The company is decided to originate two prototype satellites on United Open Alliance’s Vulcan rocket in Could. 

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