ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022 Will Prove VIE Loriot De Rouvray’s “9.1.1. Full Book to Natural Healing”

“9.1.1. Full Book to Natural Healing” by VIE Loriot de Rouvray begins when her co-worker, who had been on psychiatric treatment since he became six years dilapidated, got here out of a coma after taking too many treatment; along with his tendons decrease, and left on a wheelchair. Due to her family has had rather a couple of cancer deaths, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

In her book, there could be rather a couple of records about allopathic and holistic treatment, nevertheless a couple of of it is kept from the public, adore sound and gentle healing, the DNA quantum field, vitamin deficiencies, the importance of enzymes, the hyperlink between emotions and cancer, and the necessity for enzymes to collapse food.

Sacred Geometry, the chakras, the pineal gland, the air of secrecy, phosphenism/ORB, and the physique of gentle are a couple of of the topics covered on this lecture. It also talks about minerals, oxygen, and blood dart along with the circulation, as smartly as a “miracle” methodology to be taught and its advantages.

The axiatonal traces could per chance most definitely additionally be primitive to fully regenerate an organ, as smartly as EFT, HTP and aromatherapy. A story about a Quantum Energy Healing/Multidimensional Remedy Session with VIE will likely be in her post.

Concerned to clutch extra? Portray a duplicate of VIE Loriot de Rouvray’s “9.1.1 Full Book to Natural Healing,” on hand at Amazon.

The book could also be displayed at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition on June 23-28, 2022, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Heart, Washington DC, USA.

9.1.1 Full Book to Natural Healing

Author | VIE Loriot de Rouvray

Style | Alternative/Holistic

Publisher | Self-Revealed

Revealed date | February 3, 2022

In regards to the Author

VIE Loriot de Rouvray became born of the French aristocracy on an island located in the south pacific called Original Caledonia. In January 1987, VIE de Rouvray skilled a dramatic shift in consciousness, which resulted in a entire standard of living trade. She thereafter became initiated by Archangel Michael each day for eighteen months.

VIE has been chosen to be the door to the Divine and is here on a humanitarian mission with her co-worker and ghostwriter CHADD, talented with Sound frequency treatment. They’re called the God Duo, two Angels at work and work quantum lessons of healing collectively.

VIE de Rouvray has been recognized by Elite Females Worldwide for dedication, achievement, and leadership in her legit endeavors.

VIE is an Honored Member of the Nationwide Association of Knowledgeable Females, an Honored Member of the Continental Who’s Who, an Honored Member of the Worldwide Who’s Who, and a recognized Honored Existence Strathmore’s member, has received the Corridor of Status top replacement holistic treatment of Orlando, Florida for nine consecutive years.

VIE is the first Aquarius to attain with a basically varied reward that will take humanity over 2,000 years to assignment. VIE is the author of a series of books for enhance and self empowerment, and will likely be talented with an innate means to insist the language of the Gentle working and transferring traipse energy.

VIE radiates the energy of God, and holds the reward of radiating healing energy and the energy of auditory processing into healing energy by a low frequency of 26 Hz. and 91 decibels.

VIE is the proprietor and founding father of the Institute of Gentle and Sound.

This recordsdata disclose material could per chance most definitely additionally be integrated into any authentic recordsdata gathering and publishing effort. Linking is authorized.

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