A short history of the VW Label 1 Rabbit/Golf (2021)

The Label 1 Golf/Rabbit was as soon as created utilizing many parts recently got with Auto Union, and weak in the unique Audis. These in turn came from pattern work Mercedes had done in adapting a puny water-cooled four cylinder industrial motor for exhaust in an updated DKW F102 (launched because the Audi F103 in 1965). To develop packaging efficiency, VW engineered a gearbox to mount the motor longitudinally, enjoy the British Mini, and ditched the trunk for an unconventional ‘two-box’ find with a hatchback, as a change of a ‘three box’ sedan with a hood, a cabin and a trunk. VW did educate up with a sedan later, when they added a trunk tot he Rabbit and known because it the Jetta.

At the muse, VW’s hatchback came with appropriate three doorways, though a five door model rapid adopted, and convertible and pickup truck variations fill been also produced. The physique was as soon as designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, who also designed the outlandish Delorean and the modern (for its time) Lotus Esprit.

Per some, the name ‘Golf’ comes from the German ‘Golfstrom’, or gulf fling, which suits with VW’s exhaust of ‘Scirocco’, the scorching Mediterranean wind, and ‘Jetta’, German for jet fling. Others inform that it can perchance well well be appropriate a literal reference to the contemporary carrying passion for the affluent – uncover the VW ‘Polo’ equipped in Europe. Within the US, nonetheless, the Label 1 Golf was as soon as known as the Rabbit, because it was as soon as supposed to be puny and nimble, and ‘Golf” sounded too upscale for an economy vehicle geared towards younger patrons. Years later, they’d also introduce the VW Fox, carrying on that theme.

The Rabbit stayed on the US market from 1974 to 1983, when it was as soon as at final changed by the MK2 Golf, which stored the an analogous Golf shape, but it completely was as soon as longer and wider. There was as soon as a minor facelift in 1980, bringing elevated rear lamps, unique bumpers, better instruments and (in the US) sq. headlights. A Rabbit convertible, identified later because the Cabriolet, was as soon as launched in 1980 and equipped until 1993, that incorporates a particular ‘basket take care of’ for rollover security and structural integrity. On epic of puny pickup trucks from Toyota and Datsun fill been selling so effectively in The US, the VW USA manufacturing unit developed a prolonged wheelbase Rabbit Pickup in 1979, by cutting off the roof in the aid and fitting a stable rear axle with leaf springs. By the discontinue of manufacturing in South Africa in 2009, effectively over 6 million Label 1’s had been equipped, in hatchback, pickup, and cabriolet physique styles.

Powerful enjoy the distinctive Beetle, the Golf/Rabbit was as soon as supposed as a ideal puny family vehicle and the engine quite quite a lot of mirrored this. In Europe, engines started with a 1.1 liter fuel unit producing a modest 50 horsepower, but North American gadgets first and important bought 70 horsepower from a 1.5 liter. There was as soon as also an amazingly efficient 1.5 liter diesel model, which was as soon as almost a singular class of vehicle at the time, and reportedly might perchance well well furthermore find extra than 40 miles per gallon. These vitality figures might perchance well well furthermore seem low, but in these early days of federal atomize regulations, the Rabbit weighed in at less than 1800 lbs, ready to force.

The ultimate Golf/Rabbit variant, nonetheless, must be the GTI.

The mighty-loved GTI is credited with increasing your complete category of fun to force, economy vehicle, dubbed the ‘scorching hatch’. Available in Europe earlier than it came to the US in 1983, after we did find it it was as soon as with a honest appropriate better 1.8 liter fuel injected motor and shut to 100 horsepower. With a curb weight of appropriate 1780 lbs, this was as soon as ample to give the Label 1 GTI a high urge of 110 mph and a 0-60 time of 9 seconds – equal to a Corvette, Datsun 280ZX, or Mazda RX-7 in the early 1980s.

The VW Golf vary has come a lengthy methodology because the distinctive Label 1 – it’s unquestionably bought plenty bigger – however the adjustments fill been largely evolutionary in desire to modern. The Golf Label 1, nonetheless, was as soon as an actual revolution.

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