A manual to Digital Controller Mode for the Razer Kishi V2


A guide to Virtual Controller Mode for the Razer Kishi V2

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As that it’s also possible to know, Razer lately launched an update for the Nexus app that permits you to remap touchscreen inputs to buttons on your Kishi V2. It be a enormous update as it effectively manner that you can play any cell sport with a controller. So will hang to you hang ever figured out yourself thinking a sport will most seemingly be improved with controller fortify, it now can.

It be now not severely nerve-racking to procedure up, and most folk will likely decide it out honest by tinkering with the app. Nonetheless, will hang to you are struggling, we’re here to abet. On this manual, we can heed how to consume Digital Controller Mode, along side about a layout examples to give an knowing of what it looks enjoy. Whereas you happen to would possibly per chance well per chance even be wondering what games gain pleasure from Digital Controller Mode, take a look at out our recent article that exiguous print 5 fair titles that work neatly with it.


  • Secure the Razer Nexus app from Google Play.
  • Connect your Razer Kishi V2 to your cell phone and faucet “OK” to enable Nexus entry to the controller.
  • Start the app. To enable Digital Controller mode, that you can like to consume the Nexus app as a launcher.
  • Using the Kishi, navigate to the sq. labelled “Installed Apps”.
  • Next, consume the controller to secure the game you enjoy to hang to play with Digital Controller Mode
  • Once figured out, faucet Y sooner than launching the game to enable Digital Controller Mode. Then faucet A to play it.
  • The game will now load with an overlay that entails an image of a d-pad, a tick and a cog.
  • Tap the d-pad to lift up a menu that will allow you to plan the game’s controls to your Razer Kishi V2.
  • For the Left Joystick, Best Joystick, and D-Pad, simply faucet and drag the newly created overlay to your chosen attach on the display.
  • The system is the identical for the face buttons and triggers, with a runt addition. After transferring the button to your chosen attach, press the button on your controller you enjoy to hang to plan with that in-sport action. Whereas you happen to would undoubtedly like to edit them, simply faucet the on-display button and press the current button on your Kishi to replace it.
  • Whilst you would possibly per chance well per chance even be satisfied, faucet the tick button to avoid losing the layout. Your cell phone will then consume this setup at any time if you subsequent play that particular person sport.

Just a few things to retain in mind

Additional alternatives

By tapping the cog in the predominant overlay menu, that you can enable about a extra alternatives to additional customise your setup. There is a button that toggles the presence of the overlay will hang to you enjoy to hang to to find away with it entirely. Alternatively, below that possibility is a slider that permits you to alter the button opacity will hang to you enjoy to hang it to be more or much less clear. Lastly, that you can delete the overlay created for the recent sport by hitting the reset button.

Best analogue stick in first-particular person games

When taking half in a first-particular person sport, faucet the cog icon that looks when inserting the appropriate analogue stick to initiate a current menu. From here, toggle on “Camera Pan Mode (Repeat). This tells the utility to take care of the utilization of the analogue stick as more than one finger swipes, allowing the digicam to operate as it would possibly per chance well be. On this menu, that you can additionally modify the digicam sensitivity in the identical menu.

Layout examples

Below are about a layout examples that it’s also possible to consume when binding touchscreen controls to your Razer Kishi V2. It be rate remembering that, in most conditions, you would possibly per chance well per chance still must navigate menus the utilization of contact. Despite the incontrovertible reality that, that permits you to gain pleasure from the handiest of every worlds since or now not it’s a ways sooner than scrolling thru menus with a controller. Furthermore, these are layouts that work for me. Digital Controller Mode is extremely flexible, so compose tinker with the suggested layouts to match your preferences.
Call of Responsibility Mobile

Many folks grew up taking half in the likes of As a lot as date Battle 2 and Shaded Ops on Xbox Are residing with our mates. So, even though the touchscreen controls for Call of Responsibility Mobile are surprisingly enormous, it stays a sport that feels at residence on a controller. The layout is additionally the most initiate for debate on this list because of the game’s mercurial-paced nature. Whereas the setup above works neatly for me, it will also now not match your needs, so feel free to study out out assorted buttons to secure what does. This kind does ignore one of the most fundamental on-display buttons nonetheless I’ve now not figured out it impacts my gameplay at all.

Ninja Must Die

Ninja Must Die’s contact controls work very neatly. But it does point out your fingers will obscure the action at occasions. And, with a sport that looks as enormous as this one, you fabricate now not decide that. Using this layout, you would possibly per chance well per chance now not hang to grief about obscuring any of the action, allowing you to gain pleasure from the visual handle Ninja Must Die provides more with out concerns.

Mech Enviornment: Robotic Showdown

Fragment of the cause that it’s also possible to retain in mind the utilization of a controller for some cell games is to gain a competitive abet in the on-line realm. With Mech Enviornment: Robotic Showdown, even though, it permits you to even the battlefield. Plarium’s shooter helps Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and DualShock 4 pads, nonetheless that’s it, leaving you at a procedure back will hang to you would possibly per chance well per chance even be the utilization of contact controls. With this layout, that you can compete with other controller users as soon as more.

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