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Eliminating Krushers is the worst resolution KFC has ever made.

A banner saying KFC



Krushers (especially the Golden Gaytime flavour)

A Golden Gaytime KFC Krusher on a table with Golden Gaytime ice creams behind it

KFC Australia

What it changed into once: Crushed ice thickshakes that got right here in four flavours — mocha, Golden Gaytime, Kookies ‘n’ Kream and Chocolate Cornetto.



Instagram: @perthplannergirl

What it changed into once: Deep-fried balls of mashed potato covered in KFC’s signature herbs and spices, with a dollop of KFC’s signature gravy within the centre. Plus, it changed into once served with extra gravy on the facet for dipping.


Popcorn chicken Slab

A hand maintaining a KFC dinner objective stuffed with popcorn chicken, BBQ and cheese sausce

Julia Energetic / BuzzFeed

What it changed into once: Cushy dinner rolls stuffed with popcorn chicken and a smokey BBQ and cheese sauce.


Sizzling and provocative

A bucket of scorching and provocative KFC chicken


What it changed into once: Rooster covered in a crunchy, provocative crumb that changed into once infinitely better than the unprecedented KFC menu lineup.


‘The Works’ Zinger burger

'The Works' Zinger burger on a desk


What it changed into once: KFC described it as a ~taste of summer~, with the burger that contains mayo, a Zinger fillet, bacon, cheese, lettuce and a sever of pineapple.


Dipping feast

Rooster tenders and chips with a line of sauces down the center


What it changed into once: 16 chicken tenders, chips and 5 dipping sauces, alongside side supercharged, BBQ, aioli, candy and sour and gravy. 


BBQ bacon curler

A BBQ William Maxwell Aitken Roller


What it changed into once: Popcorn chicken, bacon and BBQ sauce served in a wrap. There changed into once also a nachos cheese flavour.


Toasted Twisters

A KFC repeat that contains a toasted Twister, chips, a drink and sauce packets


What it changed into once: Your unprecedented KFC twister, nonetheless toasted to perfection — in whisper that the cheese interior changed into once melted and the wrap changed into once additional crunchy. That it’s seemingly you’ll well inquire of this help within the day, nonetheless it completely’s no longer an possibility.


AKA McDonald’s, for any of our worldwide visitors discovering out this.



A McRib burger in a field

Flickr: ruocaled

What it changed into once:  A pork patty formed esteem a mini rack of ribs, BBQ sauce, onions and pickles, served on a sandwich roll. 


Shaker fries

Instagram: @foodfindsgeelong

What it changed into once:  You added seasoning and your chips to a rep, shook them up and voilà  — shaker fries (or chips, as we’re announcing in Australia). 


Custard pie

A hand maintaining a custard pie in a McDonald's packaging field


Rooster ‘n’ mayo burger

An ad for a chicken 'n' mayo burger

McDonald’s Australia

What it changed into once: A chicken patty, lettuce and mayo served in a soft bun — the form you would salvage even as you happen to ordered a Filet-O-Fish. Plus, it changed into once easiest two dollarydoos.


Exciting McNuggets

Exciting McNuggets in a McDonald's field

McDonald’s Australia

What it changed into once: McNuggets, nonetheless ~provocative~ and they had been also served with a chilli dipping sauce.


Loaded fries

Loaded visitors topped with gravy

McDonald’s Australia

What it changed into once:  Mainly, McDonald’s chips — nonetheless made even better with additional toppings, esteem gravy or truffle-flavoured mayo and parmesan cheese.


Sweet chilli chicken wrap

A candy chilli chicken wrap

McDonald’s Australia

What it changed into once:  Crispy chicken breast with a candy chilli sauce, mayo, lettuce, cucumber, served in a tortilla wrap.



Tendercrisp burger

A Tendercrisp burger

Hungry Jack’s

What it changed into once: Breaded, deep-fried chicken fillet, mayo, lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun. If you happen to loved things provocative, you would decide for the peri-peri version. In its set, HJ’s has replaced the Tendercrisp with an defective fried chicken burger range.


Rooster fries

A hand maintaining up a field of chicken fries; within the background a friend is maintaining a thumbs up signal


Cheesy cheeseburger

An ad for the tacky cheeseburger

Hungry Jack’s

What it changed into once: Flame-grilled beef, creamy cheese sauce, a cheese sever, mayo and pickles. Oh and it changed into once easiest $2.


The Aussie

The Aussie burger

Hungry Jack’s

What it changed into once:  William Maxwell Aitken, egg, beetroot, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, mayo and BBQ sauce.


OG grilled chicken burger

A grilled chicken burger from Hungry Jack's

Flickr: ricepot

What it changed into once: Flame-grilled chicken breast fillet, lettuce, tomato and a ranch dressing. They for the time being hold this burger at Hungry Jack’s, nonetheless the contemporary changed into once served on a brioche bun and included a thicker allotment of chicken



And lastly, puff pastry crust on Domino’s pizza

A field of Domino's pizza with puff pastry crust

Twitter: @dominos_au

What it changed into once: In want to the celebrated Domino’s pizza crust, you would swap it up to a puff pastry vogue, which changed into once additional flakey, crunchy and luminous.

What assorted discontinued rapidly meals objects want to form a comeback? Tell us within the feedback.

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