The three Bros. 6 Hours of Glen Helen had a huge turnout of groups despite–or presumably thanks to–grey skies and wet weather this year. The nonstop rain that came down for 2 days beforehand used to be too noteworthy of a honest component, though, making for an extraordinarily muddy occasion. Including to the turnout used to be increased hobby in the Ironman class, where Kilmartin Racing equipped a $1000 winner-choose-all purse. That contributed to almost 60 riders in that one class alone.

Trevor Hunter’s Dirt Bike Take a look at team led early but melted a Honda.

The rain made it tough to position out a route with many parts of the Nationwide and truck tracks flooded. Loads of the route used to be in the hills above the song, but even there it used to be area to flooding. Many sections began off with stable floor but grew to develop into into bike-sucking quagmires after handiest a couple of laps. The route began off with honest under 9 miles of length. It used to be spherical 7.5 after varied sections had been lower. Some riders who had been miserable ample to derive caught in these sections needed to support till the end of the hotfoot to retrieve their motorcycles.

Tyler Nicholson’s AA team bought the general get, winding up the hotfoot with 21 laps.

The AA team of Tyler Richardson sailed during the muck to resolve the general this year. Early in the hotfoot, Trevor Hunter’s Dirt Bike Take a look at team had the lead, but a clogged radiator resulted in an complete meltdown. That used to be the chronicle with lots of alternative groups, as effectively. Nearly each team had some prolonged down time. This presented a uncommon opportunity for the Ironman riders to lower during the pack. Carve Stover obtained that class and done 2d general, 9 minutes in the help of the leading team on the identical lap. This used to be despite starting on the fourth wave and gifting awayof a 8-minute head birth. On lap one, Stover came through in 58th space general. By lap nine, he used to be in the general lead whereas Nicholson used to be in the pits. That grew to develop into spherical after two laps, but Stover remained in 2d space. Matthew Maple had a identical chronicle. He began on the Ironman wave and came spherical in 75th space general after the first lap. He in the raze done in eighth general, 2d Ironman. Motocross Action’s Josh Fout used to be third Ironman sooner than Nic Garvin. For total results, breeze to

Carve Stover used to be the first Ironman in 2d space general.
Vincent Munoz used to be first 250 Educated.
Ryder Patridge’s team used to be third general, 2d in the AA class.

Ty Davis rode with Alex Zapata in the industry class. They obtained.
Jeremy Silver’s team obtained the Household class.
Teams are allowed a spare bike, but it undoubtedly ought to be impounded when not in exercise. The impound rental used to be busy.
Even in the first turn, the route used to be a location.
Chris Hirsch (#149) used to be the leader of the end 50+ team.
Nic Garvin made a formidable return to racing after effort. He used to be fourth Ironman.
Brent Farrell (correct) used to be the end 40+ team leader.
Ready Jimenez done in the 65 class.
A log part used to be extinct to unhurried riders down in the in every other case high-roam transition areas.
Andrew Jennings used to be 2d 250 Educated.

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